Adult Faith Formation

The following sacramental programs and adult education opportunities are offered at St. Peter’s throughout the year and we welcome you as participants.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults ( & Children)

We welcome your inquiries about the Roman Catholic faith. RCIA is the ancient practice of the Church by which non-baptized adults (catechumens), after proper instruction and formation, are fully initiated into the Catholic Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Adults previously baptized in other Christian churches (candidates) are received into the Catholic Church through the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist. Catechumens and candidates attend instructional sessions that are conducted weekly from September through April. After proper periods of formation and discernment, adults are initiated and received into the Church during the Easter Vigil.

Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana)

Congratulations on your engagement! Couples planning to marry should contact the officiating minister at least six months prior to the ceremony. Marriage preparation is required for all couples. To pre-register online for Pre-Cana, click here.

Baptismal Preparation for Parents

As a community of faith, we celebrate the newest arrival to your family. Parents desiring to have their child(ren) under five years of age baptized are required to attend a preparation class which is conducted on the third Tuesday of each month from 7-9 pm in the lower level of the parish office building. Parents with children ages five and older desiring baptism should contact the Coordinator of Children's Faith Formation.

Guidelines for selecting a godparent: You need one Catholic godparent who celebrated Confirmation; is at least 16 years of age, and is practicing the faith (attending liturgy each week and receiving the sacraments).

Celebrating the Baptism – Communal baptisms are held on the second and fourth Sundays of each month at 1 pm in the Church OR you may celebrate baptism at any of the weekend liturgies. In either case, call the parish office to register for preparation classes and to select the date of the baptism.

Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation is celebrated by the Archdiocese in May and November of each year. The bishop reserves the privilege of confirming adults who have been catechized, but opted to defer their confirmation. If you have completed your catechetical formation and would like to be prepared to celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation, please call the REC.

Adults wishing confirmation should contact Carolyn Nolan.


If you would like information on the annulment process in the Archdiocese of Baltimore or are ready to begin the application, contact Carolyn Nolan at 301-898-5111 x 14 or by E-Mail:  All inquiries are confidential.

Faith Formation Programs

Opportunities are available throughout the year for adults to enrich their faith journey. We focus on contemporary issues to enhance the lives of Catholics living in the U.S. in the following areas: spirituality and prayer, liturgy, sacraments, medical ethics, church history, morality, parenting skills, etc. Parishioners are encouraged to contact the adult education coordinator to suggest topics of interest for future events.


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