The Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall, in consultation with the pastor and as prescribed by the Archdiocese, give advice to the pastor regarding stewardship of the parish’s fiscal and material resources; provide guidance and leadership to parish finance staff; oversee all bank accounts and investment accounts relating to the parish and operated under the parish’s Federal and/or State tax exemptions; monitor fund raising and capital campaign results; review compliance with and implement Archdiocesan internal audit recommendations resulting from the 3 to 5 year Archdiocesan audit; oversee the parish accounting system, internal control environment, and annual preparation of operating and capital budgets by parish staff; and review all financial reports, reporting quarterly to the Archdiocese, the pastor, and the Pastoral Council, and annually to the parish.


9190 Church Street,

Union Bridge, MD 21791

Phone. 301-898-5111

Fax: 301-898-0465