Want to be a Secret Disciple?


Your chance to learn about and eventually meet one of your fellow parishioners.

To be a Secret Disciple you only need be 21 years of age or older and complete and submit an application. Wait until you find out who is your Secret Disciple. Then the fun begins.

Your task is to pray for your Secret Disciple and to send cards/gifts to your secret disciple for all of 2017 without letting them know who you are.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. A gift can be a note, a letter of encouragement, a handmade craft, a thrift store find or anything that reminds you of your Secret Disciple.

Remember you will be receiving as well as giving and you don’t want your Secret Disciple to forget you…so don’t forget your Secret Disciple. (If something happens during the year and you can no longer participate, or if you have not received a gift for more than 2 months, please notify Deacon Jerry at 301-874-1755 or jerry.jennings@archbalt.org)

If you have a gift for your Secret Disciple, you can leave it on the table inside the church glass doors on the west side of the church. If you mail a card to your Secret Disciple, and want a return address, put the church office (9190 Church Street; Union Bridge, MD 21791). The Evangelization Committee will determine why it was returned.

Do not put your name on any gift or mailing. Concealing your identity is the primary goal. Ask for help with handwriting or type, use stamps, stickers, anything to keep the secret going. Remember it’s a secret who has who.

Acknowledge your Secret Disciple at least once a month. Any day can be special. If stuck for an idea consider their anniversary, birthday, or one of the holidays/holy days listed below.

Belly Laugh Day

January 24

Valentine’s Day

February 14

St Patrick’s Day

March 17

April Fool’s Day

April 1


April 16

Mother’s/Father’s Day

May 14/June 18


June 4

Fourth of July

July 4

Parents’ Day

July 23

Grandparents Day

September 10

Sweetest Day

October 21

All Saints Day

November 1

Veterans’ Day

November 11

Thanksgiving Day

November 23

Your final gift to your Secret Disciple will be presented, by you, to your Secret Disciple at the Revealing Party in December 2017.

Have fun! Feel free to be as creative as you wish (it’s strongly encouraged). This should be a pleasure and not an obligation. Take the opportunity to get to know a fellow parishioner.

If interested in becoming a Secret Disciple, please notify Deacon Jerry at jerry.jennings@archbalt.org  for a Secret Disciple Application by December 1, 2016.


9190 Church Street,

Union Bridge, MD 21791

Phone. 301-898-5111

Fax: 301-898-0465