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Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist all children in finding God in their lives and growing in the awareness of God's great love for them through Jesus; and to celebrate this truth with endless joy as a community of believers. This is a life long journey!


We Offer:
  • Programs for Faith Formation

  • Sacramental Preparation

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Rite of Christian Initiation Of Adults (and Children)

  • Catechist Formation

  • Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) - 11 AM Sunday Mass (October - May)

Sacramental Preparation

Preparation for the celebration of sacraments involves the family, community and the parish or school systematic catechetical effort. Parents are required to enroll their children in faith formation sessions as part of the on-going catechetical process.  Children need to be enrolled and attending an approved archdiocesan program one year prior before beginning preparation for Reconciliation and Eucharist.  It is through a partnership with the local parish staff and family that children are prepared for the celebration of sacraments.


Immediate catechesis for the sacrament of Reconciliation is separate from catechesis for Eucharist.  Parents and the parish community work in partnership toward the formation of the child for the celebration of this sacrament.  Once a child has reached the age of discernment (usually age 7) the child is invited into the preparation for the sacrament.  This is such so that the child may celebrate Reconciliation prior to Eucharist.  This is the norm of the church but in cases where the child, due to immaturity, is not ready for celebration of Reconciliation every effort will be made to continue to foster the formation process.


Preparation for the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist is a wonderful time for families to come together around the table of the Lord to celebrate the gift of the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  This time of learning is vital to children who have been called by Christ to celebrate the Love Jesus has for all of us.

First Eucharist Celebration is in May.  Mandatory practice is scheduled the evening before the celebration at 7 pm.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Children age 4 through Grade 5 are invited to "break open" the Word during the 11:00 am Mass. CLOW runs October through May.

Religious Education

Faith Formation of Children Preschool through Grade Five

Parents and families are the most effective catechists.  The family provides the basic understanding of faith formation through their daily-lived experiences.  It is only through a cooperative partnership that we as a parish community and parents can foster the formation of the child or youth on their faith journey.  We, as a staff, are committed to supporting the families on this journey.  Therefore, Saint Peter's provides a variety of programs to meet the needs of families for their faith formation.

Classroom Model

The formation of children takes place in an informal classroom setting with a catechist and assistant.  Children experience their faith through Alive in Christ published by Our Sunday Visitor.  Visit their website for at home family resources.

Home Model Program for Catechesis

This program is designed for families interested in forming their own children in the faith at home.  Families in this program also use Alive in Christ from Our Sunday Visitor.  This program is geared for families with children grades 1 through 5.

Family Life Program

Catechesis for Human Sexuality is presented in the RCL Benziger Family Life Program.  This program assists parents in raising their children in the area of morality.  It answers the call of parents to provide the skills and virtues of a Catholic Christian family lifestyle.  The Benziger Family Life program supports and complements the basic religion themes in our regular faith formation program for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

By the nature of our Baptism, we as adult Catholics, are called to spread the message of Jesus Christ, "go forth and make disciples of all nations."  As catechists our mission is to nurture the children of the parish spiritually and socially.  We must "take diligent care faithfully to present the entire treasure of the Christian message." (#38 GCD)

Formation of the catechist is highly recommended for any adult in the ministry of catechesis.  EQUIP Courses in spiritual formation, theological formation and methodology are offered through the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Division of Evangelization and Catechesis.

All adults who have "substantial contact" with children in religious education, VBS, etc. must be STAND compliant.


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