Meet Our Staff


Fr. Chuck Wible

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 13

Sacramental Emergency Tel: 301-304-5411

Office Manager

Theresa DiSipio

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 12

Permanent Deacon

John Martin

Tel:  301-788-1073

Permanent Deacon

Jerry Jennings

Tel:  301-874-1755

Administrative Assistant

Marge Pieklo

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 10

Administrative Assistant

Susan Suprock

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 10

Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation and Cemetery Director

Carolyn Nolan

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 19

Coordinator of Music Ministries

Sherri Slattery

Tel:  301-898-5111, x11

Coordinator of Elementary Religious Education

Stacy Wright

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 14

Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Kevin Parker

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 15


Liz Hunter

Tel:  301-898-5111, x 16

Maintenance Supervisor

Ryan Danieley


Marie Bauguess

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