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Mike Jacobs, Grand Knight

St. Peter’s is home to Council 13290 of the Knights of Columbus.  Our Council was formed in 2003 after the suggestion of Monsignor John Dietzenbach,

a Brother Knight.

Our Order was founded on the principal of protecting the integrity of the family, especially when the father passes away while raising his family.  Yes, we began as a fraternal insurance order, but the Venerable Fr. Michael McGivney, our founder, wanted the Catholic man to have spiritual and brotherly support from his fellow Catholic man, thus our principles of charity, unity and fraternity.

All Council members participate in Council functions as their time allows. Most of our members are men who spend most of their time with their family.  They participate in our charity events by collecting donations, praying in unity with their brother Knights, and standing unified for the causes of our Church as well as our Order.  Fraternally, we are all brothers bound together in our efforts to practice our faith, attempting to better ourselves as Catholic men, thus bettering our family and our community.  Others give much more of their time volunteering for our Parish and our community programs.  Still others increase their participation by holding Council and State leadership positions.

We are an award winning Council, having been recognized by both our Maryland State Council and our Supreme Council for excellence in our programs and our membership. You only need to be 18 years old to join, be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church and fill out a membership form to start your process to become a Knight.  Speaking from experience, I can guarantee you will become a better Catholic, a better father and a better husband.  I recently heard a State meeting that if you have 1300 families in your Parish, why you don’t have 1300 members.  I couldn’t answer that question but I know that the men of our Parish can.

If interested in more information about our home Council, as well as updates on upcoming events we are involved with, please click here to explore our Council's chapter page.

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