Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation & Pre-Cana

(Pre-Cana Sessions are for registered members of St. Peter's Parish)

Congratulations upon your engagement!  St. Peter's is pleased to help you as an engaged couple to prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.

Also, for great information on your engagement, the wedding ceremony, and sharing your faith with each other, click to contact, then go to the "Catholic Info" button to access the topics noted above.

Now that you are engaged, here is what you need to do:

1. Contact Theresa DiSipio, 301-898-5111 x 12, to begin the process before you begin to book sites for receptions!

2. At your initial meeting with Fr. Chuck, Deacon John or Deacon Jerry, please bring:

recent copies (within 6 months) of your baptismal certificates, if applicable.  If you are not a member of St. Peter's parish, please contact the church in which you were baptized to request a recent copy of the certificate.
If either you or your fiancé have been previously married, bring a copy of the divorce decree and the annulment decree.*
*Please note that an annulment for a previous marriage, regardless of where the marriage took place, is required before you can marry in the Catholic Church.  This can be a lengthy process, so apply for the annulment a minimum of one year in advance of your plans to marry.

To apply for an annulment, contact our parish advocate, Carolyn Nolan at 301-898-5111 x 19.

3. Once all the requirements for marriage are met, you will then select a date and time for your wedding.

4. Church Use & Scheduling - please call our Office Manager, Theresa DiSipio at 301-898-5111 x12.

5. Now you can register for Pre-Cana sessions at St. Peter's Church.
Registration fee is $65/couple. If you have questions, call Carolyn at 301-898-5111.

Please make checks payable to St. Peter's Church and mail to:
St. Peter's REC
Attn: Carolyn
9190 Church St.
Union Bridge, MD 21791


9190 Church Street,

Union Bridge, MD 21791

Phone. 301-898-5111

Fax: 301-898-0465